Dynasyntech is an information technology consulting firm – but focused on providing technical and product support to institutions, companies and schools predominantly using VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (VOIP) equipment and accessories in their daily operations. Our prices are competitive, our shipping is fast and we guarantee satisfaction in the product lines we carry. Contact us today for your needs!

This activity is a subsidiary of BLUE BONNET WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. A family corporation established in March, 1996. The company started with bookkeeping and corporate services in 1997 and purchased some activities from other corporations that decided to shut down operations. One of these is MEDICAL LINK STAFFING AGENCY operated out of Dallas and terminated its operations in 1194.

It was not until 2016 that BBWSI decided to penetrate distribution of business equipment and accessories, including small appliances, to augment its operations when Medical Link was temporarily shelved. The surge in information technology allowed room for this to happen and DYNASYNTECH was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of the corporation, now strong with DIAMOND FINANCIAL SERVICES expanding its bookkeeping and corporate services to include management information services and credit services. Dynasyntech focused on information technology products, mostly Bluetooth, headsets and telephones.

It operated several subsidiaries under its wing: Dynamic Temporaries, Dynasyntech, Cornerstone Construction Company and Cleaning Experts. In 2016, Dynamic Temporaries landed contracts with top contractors with AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Time Warner. A year later, the shareholders decided to open up slots for investor/partners and one client joined the force. The new management preferred to use DSRI on all its contracts, thereby necessitating the abandonment of the subsidiaries with the exception of Dynamic Temporaries, since some old contracts are still covered underneath it. Dynasyntech was moved to Blue Bonnet Worldwide Services, Inc., an affiliate company. Cornerstone Construction Company shall be a stand-alone corporation along with Cleaning Experts. Hence, Dynasyntech will be the third subsidiary of this corporation, along with Blue Bonnet International and Diamond Financial Services.

The new division will concentrate on distributing information technology products and services starting May 1, 2018.